Great Resources for Horse & Rider

A Course in Lungeing

Lugeing like you've never seen it before!

By Babette Teschen

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The Rider's Seat Method

Safe and Secure in the Saddle

By Tom Nagel

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The Liberty Training Program

Communicate with horses in liberty

By Karine Vandenborre

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Listening to the Horse - The Documentary by Elaine Heney & Grey Pony Films

Join 70+ horsemen & women as they share their stories in this award-winning documentary.

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Shoulder In & Out Training for better balance, bend & topline development with your horse

Improving your horse's physical health with lateral work and collection. By Elaine Heney.

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Over 110+ Polework Exercises & Challenges to Download

Download 110+ Unique Pole Work Exercises To Improve Your Horse's Suppleness, Balance, Strength And Flexibility. By Elaine Heney.

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